My name is Young, a.k.a Lifebot, the creator of the maps on this site. Starcraft undoubtedly remains as my mostly played video game since childhood, and it is the UMS (Use Map Settings) maps that had kept me in the loop for many, many years. Essentially, Starcraft allows users to create their own maps and play them with other players online. Countless groundbreaking game ideas were created through Stracraft maps year after year by various people, and I myself have kept a keen interest this community of map makers & players since my introduction to Battle.net (Official Starcraft Multiplayer Server).

After being accustomed to playing maps of all kinds and seeing their brilliant ideas behind them, I was heavily inspired into creating my own UMS maps in the year 2007. Since then, I’ve put out a collection of maps with some of them being frequently hosted online by other players. It wasn’t long after I realized that making an entertaining map and seeing it become popular on Battle.net was a pursuit of joy and acknowledgement.

Starcraft maps hold a fairly long history of 15+ years. Around year 2002, the first-ever Turret Defense was made by Ghost[Yoon], and introduced the concept of “Tower Defense” to the world. Nowadays there are so many variations of Tower Defense-like games on smartphones, and they are basically successors to what was originally derived from a Starcraft map. Isn’t that mind-blowing?

When I was first introduced to Starcraft Battle.net, I had the most amount of fun playing these Cat & Mouse maps that played similar to tag games. Soon after I started editing the terrain of some of these Cat & Mouse maps to improve the game-play to my own liking. I much preferred my own terrain design, but didn’t have any clue at the time as to how the trigger system(programming) worked in the maps. Soon enough, I came to the realization that I shouldn’t edit someone else’s map and just learn how to create my owns map from scratch.

In the year 2007 around when I was 15 years old, I finally put together my first UMS map that I made from scratch. It was called Cat & Mouse All-Stars, my own version of the Cat & Mouse maps that I’ve been playing online for some time. The map ended up being quite popular on Battle.net, and marked the start of my map making hobby.

It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve put out my first map. I’ve created this website to archive and sort all my maps by the year of release, so that people who might seek my maps out of sheer memory can hopefully find this website and play them again. I wish that you find this website useful, and I most certainly welcome you for dropping by.


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