Diablo 1 RPG

Development Start Date: 7/4/2017
Last Updated: 7/12/2017

Special Thanks to: Weed4(U), aka: O)mG

Latest Version: Download

Introducing a brand new RPG map, a recreation of Diablo 1 in BW.

This is a 7-player EPIC adventure with duels, spells, loots, with the same dark atmosphere from the classic game.

Why bother time with Starcraft maps when you can’t save your progress? With this map you certainly can semi-save your progress as the map gives you a passcode that you can load in the future.

Try Diablo 1 RPG today. You will be surprised to sell how the experience was re-created for Brood War.

– Save / Load System
– Inventory System
– Skill system based on Spell books
– Player Duel System
– Dungeon System
– Quest System
– Full dialogues and sounds
– Full version Tristram & Cathedral music included
– Test Version

Diablo 1 RPGDiablo 1 RPG Diablo 1 RPG

2 thoughts on “Diablo 1 RPG”

  1. 로드방법은 찾은거 같은데 코드 입력하니까 셀렉존에 저글링이 다시 생기던데 로드로 다시가서 웹쓰니까 바로 워리어로 선택이 되더라구요. 이게 로드가 된건가요? 워리어로 세이브하긴했는데 …
    그리고 로드시 뭐가 불러오기 되는지도 궁금하네요. 1부터 시작하는거라 다를게 없어서

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