McDonald’s Defense 5

Development Start Date: 2/1/2016
Last Updated: 2/22/2017

Latest Version: Download

McDonald’s Defense 5 is by far the most polished map that I’ve created. It took nearly a whole year to develop it, and that alone should tell you the incredible amount effort that went into creating this map. It features a nearly flawless balance, completely free of bugs with captivating game-play start to end.

The 5th edition largely differentiates itself from it’s predecessors for offering an individual style game-play without the traditional need of trading with players. All players have access to all units, however the units spawn randomly and thus you must constantly “roll” the dice to find the units you require.

A set of units can be transmuted into a hero by following the combination recipes shown on the bottom-right side of the map. Any units that you do not need can be refunded, making it possible to acquire all the needed units with some persistence.

The highlight feature from McDonald’s Defense 4 has also been implemented, which is that cannons do stay relevant throughout the entire game. They automatically turn into much powerful Sunkens during the mid-point of the game, or when the remaining life reaches below 30%.

Overall, the map is incredibly to easy to play, yet hard to master as you’ll need to find a good balance between economy and producing units for defense. Sacrificing defense for early mineral gains may cost you to lose the game, yet lacking on workers early on means you will be short on minerals for upgrades. Try out this map right now! I’m genuinely certain that you would have a blast playing it.

McDonald's Defense 5McDonald's Defense 5McDonald's Defense 5McDonald's Defense 5

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