Merchant Defense

Development Start Date: 1/27/2016
Last Updated: 2/5/2017

Latest Version: Download (**Only works on Starcraft 1.16 Version**)

Merchant Defense is a creation of an original defense map idea, where a traditional NPC shop is replaced by 3 human players. Each merchant player is given a designated area with beacons that allows trading with the defense players. The defense players earn minerals by killing enemies, which are withdrawn in forms two crystals; $10 and $100. These crystals are withdrawn to SCVs, which are able to move around and place them on beacons that pay the merchant. A merchant receiving the crystal will automatically have it convert to minerals of equivalent value, and are able to give units to players by directly placing them on the corresponding player’s beacon.

-Merchants compete with each other for dominance in sales, and the player that buys the last unit in the game wins. Losing merchant players will be killed along with their units when the last unit is sold. They can still watch the game after if they want 😀

-Defense players must destroy the enemy Hatchery for ALL players to win. If the Power Generator blows up, everyone loses.

This trading system is revolutionary in that it eliminates the need of a separate area in the map for buying units. By integrating the trading system as the core foundation of the map and designing the terrain around this idea, it removes the annoyance of constantly going back and forth certain areas of the map. The game-play essentially revolves around this system, as it forces all players to offer and make trades via in-game chat.

As for the defense part of the game, it is a unit based defense with constantly incoming enemies that increase in difficulty over time. In order to actually win the game, the Overmind must be destroyed – in which requires the defense players to be in an attacking position instead. This turning point from defense to offense is often realized as a group after making some progress. Going offensive on enemies under-powered (i.e., not enough upgrades) may cost you to lose the game. This tug-of-war with the enemy definitely sets the bar high in terms of challenging game-play. There are some features such as unlimited healing, repair, and shield recharge that provides aid early on, but not necessarily useful towards the end game. Try our Merchant Defense now!

Merchant DefenseMerchant Defense Merchant DefenseMerchant Defense

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