Warbible RPG

Development Start Date: 5/19/2017
Last Updated: 10/2/2017

Download Map: Latest Version

This is a multiplayer focused PVP game with very strong RPG-like elements. There are total 12 different classes you can choose from, however unlike traditional RPG’s your character isn’t tied to a specific class. You’re able to choose your character AND class separately as the map features an inventory management system.

This breakthrough in customization allows multiple combination of different builds, such as using the Deathbringer Sword whilst being an Explorer Class. Every class has it’s own set of skills that you can cast through a skill building.

One of the biggest innovation in Warbible RPG is that when you die, you drop all your gold on the ground for someone else to pick-up. This adds a vast amount of fun into PVP, as you’re rewarded for slaying another player by taking away their wealth. A player to first earn 20 kills wins the game.

There are legendary weapons that can be only purchased once per player, and 3 end-game boss quests to complete should you engage in the PVE aspects of the game. Players are automatically hostiled in certain areas, however boss spawn areas allow auto-party with players as the map assumes that bosses will be hunt together as a party.

This map is a symbol of groundbreaking innovation that suggests something “new” to be tried.. This map is in between an Arena Style Map and an RPG. It’s definitely a hybrid genre, and I wholeheartedly recommend that you give this map a go if you want to try something new. If you were ever a fan of Diablo series and it’s Player-Killing, this map should be right up on the alley.

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